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Author Simon Ayer unveils his third book
Available June 15, 2015 on Amazon.com

Los Angeles, CA – (June 15, 2015) – Author Simon Ayer’s third book “It’s Simply Simon – Even As A Fetus (The Early Years)” is ready to be part of your summer festivities. This is the third in a series of illustrated coffee table books featuring the irreverent and quasi-popular character Simon.

“Even As A Fetus” chronicles Simon’s early years. From birth to high school graduation. Stuff happened. Seventy pages about the impossible task of maturing. Acne, bringing charges against a tether ball, enjoying a centerfold for the first time. You’ve all been there, but not like Simon. Available on June 15, 2015 on Amazon.com.

A series of hilarious animated Simply Simon toons can be viewed on his website. www.itssimplysimon.com.

If you want to catch up – the first two books “It’s Simply Simon” and “It’s Simply Simon – Rants In His Pants” are available on Amazon.com.

An accomplished television casting director and writer, Ayer plans to chronicle the life of Simon in more books to come. Stay tuned.


Just when you thought it was safe to go into your book store author Simon Ayer unveils new book just in time for the holidays
Available November 1, 2014 on Amazon.com

Los Angeles, CA – (October 7, 2014) – Author Simon Ayer brings us “It’s Simply Simon – Rants In His Pants,” just in time for the holidays. This is the second in a series of illustrated coffee table books featuring the irreverent and popular character Simon.

“Rants In His Pants” is a continuation of Ayer bringing folks up to speed on the absurdities of Simon’s life.  The book contains seventy new pages of Simon observations and spoutings, shared without a filter. Simon offers witty and epic rants to his readers, such as: Why is being prolific considered valuable? Epiphanies can get in the way. Coping is really really hard.

The new book, available November 1st on Amazon.com, gives the readers an indication of Simon’s musings. Ayer says, “Simon believed that life was simpler when t-shirts had labels.” He adds, “Simon may need help, but he is still funny.”

A series of hilarious “It’s Simply Simon” live action youtube promo videos have been created by Ayer and are currently available to view and enjoy. Coming soon animation spots on youtube bringing the Simply Simon pages to life.

An accomplished television casting director and writer, Ayer plans to chronicle the life of Simon in more books to come. Stay tuned!


Author Simon Ayer debuts an irreverent and lovable new character

Book signings include: Friday, April 11th The Book Loft (1680 Mission Drive, Solvang) and Wednesday, April 23rd Denmark 50 (7974 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles)

Los Angeles, CA – (April 1, 2014) – From the class clown mind of Simon Ayer comes “It’s Simply Simon,” a new illustrated coffee table book that offers a hilarious and perceptive look at life. An accomplished television casting director and writer, Ayer put all his talents to use in creating Simon, who has a unique, delightfully warped and laugh-out-loud funny attitude that has been described as “Gary Larson meets Larry David.”

Ayer will be doing book signings at The Book Loft in Solvang, April 11th (4pm-6pm) and at Denmark 50 in Los Angeles, April 23rd (7pm-9pm) in support of his 70-page book that features a character named Simon.

“Simon blurts out what many are thinking but don’t know how to express,” Ayer says. “He specializes in epic rants and wicked observations, and always dances around the boundaries of appropriateness.” 

The accompanying line drawings by Ayer wittily capture the essence of whatever is running through Simon’s brain, from his frustration at life’s absurdities to his self-satisfaction at not toeing the line. In response to an unseen voice calling for help, Simon says, “I can’t hear you!” As the text informs us, Simon never felt the need to help a stranded hiker. But he is also vulnerable, as another scene shows: “Simon felt like a Christmas light – only useful three weeks out of the year.”

Perception is Simon’s gift, or as he says, “It’s my thing.” As a slacker-philosopher, Simon skewers pointless decorum with an irreverence we wish we had the courage to voice. In the process, he makes us laugh at life and ourselves.

“This is not a Kindle book,” says Ayer. “You need to have it in your hands and share it with those who haven’t lost their sense of humor.”

“It’s Simply Simon” is the first of a series of books that will follow Simon as he meanders through life and its annoyances. This is fortunate, for once they are introduced to this character’s unique and refreshing viewpoint, readers will be craving repeated Simon fixes. 

About Simon Ayer

Show business runs in Simon Ayer’s family. His father Harold Ayer was a film and television actor, while his grandfather Nat D. Ayer was a popular composer (“Oh You Beautiful Doll,” “If You Were the Only Girl in the World,” etc.).

When it was Simon’s turn to enter the family business, he made his mark as a casting director. From “T.J. Hooker” to “The District,” Ayer put actors into the roles where they belonged during a career that spanned 30 years and a thousand hours of television. He was there at the beginning of the careers of Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Madeline Stowe, Michael Chiklis, and many more.

A former Vice President of the Casting Society of America, Ayer won the prestigious Artios Award for the casting of “Hill Street Blues.” He was Vice President of Talent of Stephen J. Cannell Productions for seven years, where he either cast or supervised the casting of “Hunter,” “A Team,” “21 Jump Street,” “Wiseguy,” and others.  He and his wife Beth Hymson-Ayer formed Hymson-Ayer Casting in 1993, working on “Xena,” “Hercules,” “L.A. Law,” “Resurrection Blvd,” “Profiler,” and countless Movies of the Week.

He is a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, with writing credits for “21 Jump Street” and “Silk Stalkings.”  He also wrote material for Betty White when she did the holiday opening for “Monday Night Football.”


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